Anne-Marie Urrutia Dumas

SEO & Digital Marketing Director

Lead generation specialist, Anne-Marie Urrutia Dumas first experienced in the real world then in the web since 1998. After launching the marketing department at Editions Gallimard and managing the Marketing & Communication Department at Tati discount retailer, she creates “Le Diétivore”, an online grocery store. As digital marketing and SEO consultant at Paris Pionnières, she has advised more than 50 innovative start-ups, investigating industries as different as organic retail, car rental or connected things. She also participated in creating the digital marketing plan for Paris Region, optimizing Foreign Direct Investment in Paris. In Argentina since 2015, she has been Managing SEO for a pure player website operating in international translation. Her partnership with Cyril Rigeade aims to position Digicrac as the the best digital partner of companies willing to start export business.