Competitor analysis

Digicrac exposes your competition's digital strategy secrets.
Breathe, you can either get inspiration or stand out !

"Strategy, killer keywords, link building policy:
discover your competitors' digital marketing strengths and weaknesses and stand out!

Competitor analysis by Digicrac : 3 strategic benefits

Effective Web Development Solutions

1/ Identify your digital competitors

Digital life sometimes comes with surprises. One of those is that your competitors on the web may not be your real life ones. You almost have no idea of their existence or don't see them as serious competitors.Maybe they are new players of your industry, maybe they are pure players... what they certainly are is SEO specialists since Google only sees them ! Do you know that while you are ignoring them, your growth's hopes are declining ! Digicrac identifies your most important competitors on the web, those who dominate your strategic keywords with their SEO. Roll up your weapons, the enemy is now in sight!

2/ Identify your competitors digital success' factors

How did your competitors get to the top of the charts? Digicrac identifies keywords that generate visitors to their site, their Adwords policy, their social networks strategy, finds backlinks that drove their popularity up to the top of Google... Everything you've always wanted to know about your competitors without ever daring to ask them. Breathe, you can either get inspiration or stand out!

Effective Web Development Solutions
Effective Web Development Solutions

3/ Identify your competitors weaknesses

Discovering your competitors' digital strategy also means discovering their weak points, occupy the available space to reach the position you deserve. Did your competitors neglect a very promising keyword? Get hold of it. Are they almost absent from your business' strategic social network ? Become its most active leader. Are they promoting a declining product on adwords? (You're part of the happy few knowing it's declining since you ordered Digicrac a digital product resarch!) Be glad and invest in a promising product.
Digicrac gives you the clues, take your chance and position yourself!

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