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You wonder about your international digital strategy ? Need a new website ? You would like a SEO ? Digicrac guides you at every stage of your web development.

"We are committed to working with you in a true partnership relationship,
focused on your goals, determined to achieve them.

The Founders

Digicrac is the digital agency where seasoned professionals from marketing, web and social networks meet and share their international and multilingual experience. We like strategic thinking but are action oriented. We’re always excited about web constant evolution but with the hindsight that experience allows. We love to understand our environment, discover new tools, learn. We enjoy sharing your aims, building with you, helping you develop your business and meet your expectations. We surely offer our technical expertise, but, above all, we dedicate to designing a marketing tailored to the specificities of your sector and products. We like to deepen, dig deeper, catch trends from internet keywords. We like to analyze, work, chisel expressions that emerge from the web, sort them, classify them, in order to finally offer you a very simple and intelligible view of the market. Simplifying what’s complex is our greatest challenge. Our goal in your own country or when you dare the exciting challenge of selling abroad ? Be a massiv attraction weapon for your website !

Business & Digital Strategy Director
20 years ago, Cyril decided to launch its first start up: a thematic portal on France in Spanish and Portuguese…
SEO & Digital Marketing Director
Lead generation specialist, Anne-Marie Urrutia Dumas first experienced in the real world then in the web since 1998. After launching…

massiv attraction weapon 

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