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"Global market research, international product research, global competitive intelligence, multilingual SEO...Our international business consulting company Digicrac guides you step by step to your digital international success "

What are your international target market prospects' most researched products?
What products should you sell on your website?
What vocabulary should you use to describe your products and services?
How to optimize your website to be well indexed by search engines and be discovered by your target market abroad?

Effective Local SEO Solutions

International product research

Are you planning to develop digital international business ? Does your website product match the expectations of your new markets' targets? Will you take the chance to miss your foreign prospects most trendy and researched products ? Digicrac scans your prospects web research in your targeted countries and detects their expectations. This is an opportunity to check your offer relevance and adjust it to demand. An highly-updated and exhaustive product research, focused on your target markets abroad to discover best business opportunities. Let Digicrac guides you to your digital international success!

Multilingual SEO

Would you like to translate your website to sell abroad ? A traditionnal translation may not allow your target market prospects to find you on the web. Indeed, your traduction needs SEO for your website to be indexed in Google Search Engine. since if your site is not optimized in natural referencing, it will not be indexed by Google in your target country and will be invisible to your prospects. Digicrac optimizes your website for your target markets internationally, from SEO translation of your content, to optimizing your tags and identifying high-performance backlinks for your SEO.

Effective Web Development Solutions

International business consulting by Digicrac : 3 strategical steps

1/ Identify your prospects needs and research on your international target markets
Does your web offer meet the expectations of your American, Spanish or Mexican prospects? When launching your products into new markets, identifying products your target markets are looking for becomes a strategic issue. Missing a trend or offering the wrong product could cost you a lot... Digicrac scans your target countries prospects web research and detects their expectations. A customized product research to identify best business opportunities and help you succeed in your international web developement. 

2/ Identify your target keywords in Spanish, English, German...
What words do your prospects use to search your products on the web in Spanish, English or German? Do Americans and English formulate their research in the same way? If your translator does not use the same vocabulary as your prospects, your site may be well translated but it has no chance of appearing in Google's Response pages when your prospects search for your products. Speaking the same language as your prospects is therefore the first step towards developing your sales. Digicrac identifies the most frequent queries in the language of your target markets, selects the most relevant keywords for your website and establishes an SEO glossary for optimized translation. 
Let Digicrac guide you through this strategic stage of your international success.

3/ Optimize your site for Google
Now that you're holding the cards, all you have to do is play with google's algorithm criterias! Indeed, convincing Google that your site is the best answer to web surfers expectations means draging strategical keywords everywhere in your website : in your content, in your meta tags, in your backlinks... 
Let Digicrac guide you trough those steps of on page and off page SEO.

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