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How to do SEO ? What should you do first ? An action oriented SEO training to get you SEO efficient quickly

"Would you like to optimize your site by yourself? Or do you just want to understand what's at stake in SEO? Need to know the criteria that affect your site's ranking on search engines or what has recently changed in Google's indexing of sites? You're wondering where to start? "

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Training Content

Strategic keywords Identification, content optimization, detection of technical impediments to Google indexing, meta tags optimization, netlinking strategy... Digicrac provides you with SEO basics and tells you everything you need to know to obtain an optimal indexation of your website.

Training Format

Digicrac's SEO training is delivered in a flexible format: two two-hour online sessions. One week after the training, when you have made your first steps in SEO and start asking yourself more concrete questions about what you have learned, a question-and-answer session is provided.

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Discovering new challenges makes us feel happy, creative and efficient ! There certainely is a room for your issues at Digicrac : test us !


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