Keyword research

Because talking like your customers is the first step towards developing your sales, Digicrac identifies your prospects' most relevant keywords on Google.

Find relevant keywords today, reach new heights in Search Engine, and win new customers tomorrow!

Identifying your prospects' vocabulary, knowing how they formulate their request on Google, is the fundamental step of your digital strategy. It will allow you to choose keywords and relevant phrases to describe your products on your website, then to carry out all optimizations leading you to the Holy Grail: a good position in search engines. Appearing on Google among the first websites on your prospects' queries is the guarantee of qualified traffic towards your site!

What if you identify the wrong keyword?

A french travel website would like to promote exotic vacations. "Saying the word Antilles already makes people feel good", says the boss, refering to his french experience. What comes next is that "Antilles vacations" can be seen eveywhere on the website, from home to blog, from category to packages. What the boss doesn't know is that this keyword is never searched for in the USA wheras 12 100 times a month, american people search for "caribbean vacations"! After putting a lot of work in optimization, Google may index the french website for this "antilles vacations" keyword, but it will have missed 100% of its target!

Effective Copyrighting

The usual mistake in keywords research is to use your business knowledge as a rule to guess customers keywords. Your prospects don't necessarily know your jargon, they sometimes prefer shortcuts, sometimes like to be very precise in their request, depending on their past experience with Google and on what expression seem to succeed in giving them relevant answers. In short, they don't speak like you!
If you choose to describe your product on your website with the wrong keyword, you may not be indexed on most frequent requests on Search Engine.
If you choose a keyword that is too broad, and succeed in beeing indexed, you may generate a lot of traffic to your site, but a poorly qualified one, inefficient to turn visits into purchase.
If you choose a keyword that is already targeted by historical leaders of your market, you could spend a lot of time and money trying to be indexed on Google first page wheras your stronger competitors already stand there for a long time.
Digicrac analyzes your customers' request vocabulary and select the most relevant keywords for each page according to all those criterias.


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