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"Search Engine Optimization is the art of making your website appear
when your prospects are searching for your products or services on Google

Effective Local SEO Solutions

Your website has been on the web for a while. As a result of quite a long communication process, you have developed your reputation with your customers and some of your prospects. For them to find you on the web, they only need to write your name in the small Google search box. For the rest of the world, and especially the prospects that will ensure your commercial success tomorrow, your name is unfortunately still unknown. Though, they are looking for your products and services and would be delighted to meet you.

SEO is the art of making your website's name appear when your prospects search for your products on Google. This art will connect you to your most qualified prospects, those that are more likely to buy your products and services.

But before you get to that point, there is a first mandatory step: identifying keywords your prospects use to search, discover their specific vocabulary. That’s the first mission of Digicrac, your SEO agency. Identifying your competition on those keywords would be the second one in order to decide which keywords you have a chance to reach.

Strategic keywords are identified ? Let’s move on to next step. Digicrac helps you convincing Google that your site is the most relevant to respond to users' requests. How ? In optimizing your website with every criteria Google will take into account. If Google is convinced, your website will appear in the first answers of SERP (Search Engine Response Pages). And if it does, you win ! Your prospects are going to find you!

Effective Web Development Solutions

You would like to optimize your website on your own but need some advices ? Digicrac's SEO training shows you how to identify your customers' keywords, how to optimize your content and your meta tags for Google, implement a net linking strategy... Digicrac's SEO training provides an operational SEO understanding.

Understanding what your prospects write when searching for your products and services on Google is the first stage in increasing your sales. Digicrac digs the web in order to discover those specific keywords, check for competition and select the most relevant keywords for your website. A strategic stage in your SEO!

Google recognizes your website as a good answer to the Internet user’s request by checking the existence of the keyword in your content, your tags, and in the backlinks that send to your site. Content, meta tags, backlinks... Digicrac optimizes each of them in order to convince Google of your legitimacy to appear in a good place in its ranking.

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