Product research

What if Digicrac were to reveal your customer's ideal offer
using web keyword research?

"Do you dream of an exhaustive, extremely up-to-date and bias-free product research? Yes, we can! Digicrac explores your prospects' requests on Google, exploits this mine of open air information and make your dream come true! "

Digital product research by Digicrac:
3 strategical benefits

1/ Identify the missing product of your digital offer and detect business opportunities in real-time 

Did you miss the most popular product of the moment? Shorter product life cycles make hot trends identification critical. And missing a trend could cost you a lot. Digicrac scans your industry prospects' web research and detects their expectations. An up-to-date product research to catch best business opportunities before your competition does.

2/ Discover the best product to highlight in your offer 

Does your website really focus on the most relevant product or service ? Is a potential best-seller hidden behind a less acurate product? Digicrac qualifies, synthesizes, analyzes web research and reveals your customers' ideal offer. A product research to optimize your range and help you prioritize actions to get the best ROI out of your products.

3/ Identify the least profitable products 

Did you bet too much on the wrong product ? From customer research, Digicrac forecasts trends and identifies declining products: a strategic information to destock, or redirect your investments!

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