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I had the great pleasure of being invited to appear on B SMART TV's "Le Lab de Smart Tech" program, presented by Cécilia Severi. Did you miss the live broadcast and are you curious to discover Digital Evaluation, our business intelligence solution, in 3 minutes? Click here!
Anne-Marie Urrutia Dumas, Co-founder and President of Digicrac Anne-Marie Urrutia Dumas, Co-fondatrice et Présidente de Digicrac

New market expert, SEO agency Digicrac presents Digital Revelation

A 3-stage global solution for assessing and winning new digital markets.

ASSESS your customers' demand  Most SEO agencies will optimize your offer. Before doing so, Digicrac wants to make sure that it matches demand. As more than 85% of consumers search the web before buying, our SEO agency has developed a solution for listening to consumers' Google searches. Digital Evaluation extracts your prospects' Google searches, analyzes them, and delivers a real-time picture of local demand. You'll discover not only the products and services you're looking for, but also questions and irritants, vocabulary and keywords... As an option, Digital Evaluation's competitive mapping detects the leaders to follow (or the segments to flee), and the trend analysis identifies the segments of the future.  

High-performance decision-making tools to help you focus your resources on the most promising offer or identify a promising international market.
Discover our demo study Digital Evaluation on the organic make-up market.

ADAPT your offer to demand
Have atypical times changed your customers' expectations in terms of products and services? The country you're targeting abroad doesn't have the same expectations as your French customers? Thanks to Digital Evaluation, you now have a clear idea of the specifics of their expectations or their purchasing obstacles. In this second phase, with Digital Adequation, the Digicrac SEO agency matches your offer with demand on the French market or targeted markets abroad. This involves not only adjusting the products and services to be prioritized, but also checking the relevance of your content to your prospects' expectations. In fact, responding in your blog to a market's main buying disincentive not only attracts strong traffic to your site, but also potentially removes the disincentive and develops sales. Digital Adequation recommends an ideal offer, adjusted market by market, and guides your content production policy towards the most promising content for each target market.

IMPOSE your site on search engines country by country  On the French market, the Digicrac SEO agency advises you on natural referencing to optimize your presence on Google France. If you're also targeting foreign markets, you'll also need to make an SEO effort to be positioned on Google locally and to be visible to your prospects. In addition to "standard" SEO techniques, the Digicrac SEO agency has developed Multi Trad SEO, a specific methodology for SEO-optimized translation. Here again, optimization is based on mastery of the specifics of the request, detected during the Digital Evaluation phase. The translation includes the keywords detected during this phase, but the content itself is totally inspired by the specific questions, buying disincentives and irritants of each target market. You're now eligible for the top spots on Google, both in France and in your target countries!

Our digital marketing services

A profitable site always starts with identifying SEO positioning opportunities! Follow the guide...

Digicrac identifies SEO positioning opportunities in your sector, builds your site and optimizes it according to these opportunities: a pragmatic, 100% ROI-oriented approach...

1/ Consumer research - SEO positioning opportunities 

With Digital Evaluation, Digicrac detects your prospects' highest expectations based on an analysis of their Google searches, identifies niches neglected by your competitors and selects keywords with SEO positioning opportunities for you.

2/ Website and application design

CMS or custom, showcase or e-commerce, website or app... We turn your opportunities into high-performance tools.

Technical optimization, content optimization, tagging, backlinks... We position you on opportunities to turn prospects into visitors.

4/ Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Path testing, user experience (UX) improvement, AB testing... We turn your visitors into customers.

Digicrac, the digital agency tailored to your needs

Digital strategy consulting or operational implementation, one-off consulting or day-to-day support, SEO training or complete outsourcing, French, English or Spanish, Digicrac adapts to your needs. 

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